New and Improved Chronic Pain Management

There are two ways to treat pain: medical pain management and interventional pain management.

Medical pain management utilizes pharmaceutical drugs to treat pain. This method can work for reducing inflammation. When medical pain management isn’t successful, interventional pain management is a great next step to explore at Integrated Medical.

Interventional pain managemen t is a specialized type of medicine used to improve a patient’s quality of life. It is effective for patients that are suffering from chronic severe pain and treatments involve the use of diagnostic imaging procedures, diagnostic blocking to identify where the pain is coming from and precise injections.

There are multiple options available in interventional pain management treatment. Which method is used is fully dependent upon the patient’s symptoms and pending an appropriate diagnosis. Many patients find that this type of treatment is a working alternative to receiving surgery, and it allows them to have functional reduced pain or a pain-free life. Not all patients achieve the same results so it is very important that patients fully understand the procedures and all of their options.

For example, interventional pain management treatments provide tremendous pain relief for muscular conditions such as:

  1. Fibromyalgia
  2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  3. Chronic Pain Sufferers

Precise injections include Lidocaine (numbing medicine) and Sarapin, an all-natural anti-inflammatory that also promotes healing within the soft tissues. Trigger Point Injections involve the use of a very fine gauge needle (not much larger than an acupuncture needle) which is injected directly into the involved muscle providing instant and long-lasting results. This procedure does not involve the injec tions of corticosteroids (such as Cortisone). Studies have shown this to be an effective therapy in relieving chronic pain.

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