Causes of Fatigue and How to Manage it.

In today’s society, there are many symptoms that have become “common” but they are far from normal. 

  1.  Low Energy
  2.  Lack of motivation to start or continue work
  3.  Physically weak
  4.  Lack of concentration
  5.  Frequent colds
  6.  Hair Loss
  7.  Digestive problems
  8.  Muscle pain

Almost every patient that we see in our office will complain of fatigue at some point in their journey with us. 



There are many different causes of fatigue including abnormal sleep patterns, hormonal disruption, chronic pain, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities.



Our office uses a combination of specific testing to identify the ROOT cause and a combination of different treatment options to help our patients deal with symptoms of fatigue and sleep disturbances.