Physical Rehabilitation

Our therapists will help restore your optimal level of health and activity.

What can Physical Rehabilitation help you with?

  1.  Arthritis Pain Relief
  2.  Flexibility
  3.  Muscle Strength
  4.  Balance and Coordination
  1.  Post Surgery
  2.  Joint Mobility
  3.  Degeneration
  4.  Injury Prevention

Want to restore your optimal level of health and activity?

We take a holistic approach to diagnosing and recommending the right treatment plan for you.



You’ll enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and appreciate our one-on-one supervised care.



Focus is placed on stretching tight muscles, strengthening weakened muscle groups, and overall improvement of cardiovascular function. Our therapy department provides the following services:

  1.  Disc Decompression
  2.  Headache Relief
  3.  Disc Rehydration
  4.  Nutrition Programs
  1.  Linear Disc Traction
  2.  Myofascial Release
  3.  Massage Therapy
  4.  Joint Mobilization
  5.  Theraputic Exercises